The Crochet Closet Book: Stylish Women’s Sweater Patterns for Every Size

Want to crochet sweaters that fit well and look amazing? Would you be interested in owning a crochet pattern book filled with timeless, classic sweater patterns in a range of different silhouettes — all sized for ladies in x-small through 3x large? If so, the Crochet Closet by Lisa Gentry is a crochet pattern book you’re going to want to know about. While this is not a brand new book, it is actually my all-time FAVORITE book of contemporary crochet sweater patterns — because the collection is filled with stylish, flattering designs that are worth taking the time to make.

The short version of my review: This is a five-star pattern book. If you want to crochet women’s sweaters, and you’re looking for easy sweater patterns that are not too challenging, you could stop reading right here and just simply buy this book!

What You Need to Know About This Crochet Pattern Book:

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry, Published by Leisure Arts. Photo Courtesy of Leisure Arts.

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry, Published by Leisure Arts. Photo Courtesy of Leisure Arts.

Book Title: The Crochet Closet

Author: Lisa Gentry

Publisher: Leisure Arts

ISBN: 978-1-60140-135-9

Formats: This book is available in a couple of different formats including a Softcover / Trade Paperback and a digital PDF ebook version, which is available for immediate download from the publisher’s website (no shipping required).

Number of Pages: 128, not counting the covers

Crochet Skill Level Required: The patterns featured in this book are rated at easy / easy+ to intermediate.

The Crochet Patterns and Projects You’ll Find in This Book:

The Crochet Closet features a total of 15 women’s crochet sweater patterns, all of which include a wide range of sizes. The majority, although not all, of the designs include pattern instructions for crocheting sizes extra-small through 3x large.

There are two sweater vest designs included in the pattern book. The rest are either cardigan-style sweaters, sweater jackets / coats, or designs that are some sort of cross between a sweater / blazer / jacket.

Why Have I Rated This a Five Star Crochet Pattern Book?

This is an outstanding crochet pattern book for many reasons; but the accessibility of the designs is the criteria at the top of my list for rating it so highly. To begin with, the broad range of available sizes means that the majority of crocheters will be able to use and enjoy the book. Additionally, the sweater designs are appealing; they’re wearable and stylish without being faddish. Every single one of them is practical. Most of them (I think there are possibly a couple of exceptions) would be figure-flattering for the entire range of sizes presented — no easy thing for any clothing designer, let alone a crochet designer to accomplish.

No single crochet sweater pattern book can be all things to all people, but in my opinion this book is as good as it gets — assuming, of course, that a woman’s sweater is the type of crochet project you want to work on in the first place.

Two Projects Made With Discontinued Yarns

The only downside to this book that I’m aware of is that two of the projects are made using discontinued yarns — Moda Dea Tweedle Dee, and Lion Brand Cashmere Blend. Some of you may have these yarns stashed. It is also possible that you may still be able to find unsold inventory of this yarn at your local yarn store or on the secondary market — Etsy, Crochetville, Fiberkind or other sources. Also keep in mind that you can substitute yarns; for example, Lion Brand recommends their new Superwash Merino Cashmere as a substitute for the discontinued Lion Cashmere yarn. Other than the discontinued yarns, the suggested yarns for these patterns are generally widely available and easy to locate online or at local stores.

Where to Buy The Crochet Closet Book by Lisa Gentry

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry, Published by Leisure Arts. Photo Courtesy of Leisure Arts.

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry, Published by Leisure Arts. Photo Courtesy of Leisure Arts.

References and External Links:

I used the following resources to write this book review:

I visited several yarn websites to verify the availability of the yarns used in this book.

  • At the Lion Brand website: The product information page for Lion’s cashmere blend; at some point in the past, you were able to verify that this yarn, indeed, had been discontinued. This page was also the source where I found their recommended yarn substitution(s) for this yarn. The page now redirects to their page about Lion Brand’s 100% cashmere yarn, which presumably would be another workable substitute for the original suggested yarn in this pattern.

  • I attempted to visit the Moda Dea website, but it no longer exists. At the time I originally wrote this review, there was still a Moda Dea Tweedle Dee page hanging around on the Coats and Clark website; it was the source for some of the info included in this page. However, since then, they have revamped their website and removed it.

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