Mandalas and Doilies to Crochet (A Book Review)

This is a book review of Mandalas and Doilies to Crochet: Delightful Designs to Brighten Your Life

Are you interested in crocheting doilies, mandalas, coasters, mats, and other sorts of projects made from circle shapes? If so, you’re going to want to know about Marie Line-Andre’s new crochet pattern book called Mandalas & Doilies to Crochet: Delightful Designs to Brighten Your Life.

What You Need to Know About This Crochet Pattern Book:

Mandalas and Doilies to Crochet Pattern Book Published by Trafalgar Square Books

Mandalas and Doilies to Crochet Pattern Book Published by Trafalgar Square Books

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books

Copyright Date: This is the English language edition of the book with a copyright date of 2016; the book was originally published in French in 2015.

ISBN 13: 978-1-57076-789-0

Book Format: Softcover / Trade paperback with perfect binding

Crochet Skill Level: This book is suitable for crocheters of any skill level, from beginner through expert. The projects are rated by skill level on a scale from simple to experienced. Here’s how the book’s contents break down from a skill level perspective:

  • The book starts off with beginner-level crochet instructions and tutorials including line art illustrations.
  • There are 8 simple crochet projects.
  • There are 7 intermediate level crochet projects.
  • There are 5 expert level crochet projects.

The Focus of This Book:

Mandalas & Doilies to Crochet has 2 major themes. The first theme is obvious from the book’s title; it’s all about giving you bunches of crochet patterns for beautiful round projects like mandalas, doilies, wall art hangings, placemats and coasters.

The second underlying theme becomes obvious shortly after you open the book or read its back cover. Here’s a quote by the author of the book, Marie-Line Andre, taken from the back cover of the book, that will sum it up for you:

“Crochet yourself a world full of color.”

An interesting byproduct of this emphasis on color: The book is an amazing sourcebook of inspiration and instruction on the topic of crochet colorwork. The book includes clear, succint descriptions of various crochet colorwork techniques plus a lovely tutorial for tapestry crochet and other related techniques.

The patterns in the book give you practical instructions for executing some spectacular, creative overlay crochet projects. If your crochet colorwork skills are average or below average, this book could help you to improve them significantly. Once you work your way through some of the projects in this book, you’ll be a whole lot closer to having mastered the art of crocheting with color.

The 20 Colorful Crochet Projects Included in This Book:

  • #s 1-11 — The book starts off with 11 different crochet patterns for mandalas and doilies.
  • 12. Millefiori earrings — A simple crochet project
  • 13. Sun pendant — An intermediate level crochet project
  • 14. Nigella earrings — An intermediate level crochet project
  • 15. Mini-mandala bunting — A simple crochet project
  • 16. Raku-inspired table mat — An expert level crochet project
  • 17. Coasters — A simple crochet project
  • 18. Desert carpet — A simple crochet project
  • 19. Dharma bag — An intermediate level crochet project
  • 20. Indian garden cushion — An expert level crochet project

The Best Things About This Book

There’s some seriously impressive crochet work in this volume. For example, have you ever seen a flawlessly executed dodecuple dc4tog before? I can’t say that I had — until I found this book.


And to think that, somehow, I was under the impression that a double treble crochet was the tallest practical crochet stitch. I’ve in fact expressed that exact sentiment before, in writing, but pardon me for a moment while I excuse myself to eat those words right now.

*chewing slowly.*

My hat’s off to Marie-Line Andre for showing us all some outstanding examples of what can be done with relief stitches and overlay crochet. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from this book, and I’m sure I’ll learn even more from it as I work my way through more of the patterns included.

I found the styling in this book to be exceptionally inspiring. The pictures are interesting, colorful, stylish and they give me helpful insights for how I could best use each project.

If you’d be interested in using doilies as wall art, you’re likely to find this book inspiring and interesting. It includes instructions for framing your doilies with embroider hoops to use as wall decorations. This book reminded me that colorful crocheted doilies can make fantastic alternatives to paintings.

This book includes patterns and instructions for other types of round crochet projects besides just doilies — so it gives you lots of options and inspiration for what to do with the circle motifs you crochet.

Other Observations About This Book

This book includes large, bold, clearly-labeled symbol crochet charts printed in color — a definite plus. The charts are clear and intuitive; they give you an outstanding reason to buy this book instead of other competing doily pattern books that don’t include the charts. However, some of the charts include one or more pastel colors that are not as easy to see as the bolder, brighter colors.

You’ll find a wide variety of color combinations included in this book. Some of the projects feature pastel colorways; others feature colors that are so bright that they almost appear garish in all their vivid glory. Other color combinations are ultra-simple tonals, two-color designs or muted, subdued colorways. No matter what your preferred color palettes look like, there are likely to be colorways you’re drawn to in the book — and perhaps also some that you aren’t so crazy about. However, do keep in mind that you can easily re-color any of the mandalas into colors you do like, so feel free to use these ideas as jumping-off points.


I’m delighted to recommend this book to other crochet enthusiasts, particularly to crochet enthusiasts who are interested in working multicolor patterns in the round.

I think this book is an excellent value for its cover price. The retailers I’ve linked to below often sell books at discounted prices; if you’re able to find the book on sale for less than its cover price, it’s an even better value.

Where to Buy This Book:

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