Quick Comforts: Fast, Easy Crochet Patterns

Quick Comforts Crochet Pattern Book Published by Leisure Arts

Quick Comforts Crochet Pattern Book Published by Leisure Arts

Are you looking for super quick crochet projects to work on? If you’re interested in fast, easy crochet patterns that are also stylish and pretty to look at, Quick Comforts in Crochet: 9 Crochet Designs might be just the pattern book you’re looking for. Read on for our detailed book review of this title, including a project list and bunches of insights about what to expect from this book.

Author: No author is credited on the cover. Production team credits include Susan Mcmanus Johnson as the editorial writer, Lois J. Long as the instructional editor, and Sarah J. Green as the technical editor.

Publisher: Leisure Arts

Leaflet Number: #4834

ISBN 13: 978-1-57586-136-5

ISBN 10: 1-57486-136-0

Book Format: This book is available in multiple formats, as follows:

Number of Pages: 24

Cover Price: $7.95 US dollars

Skill Level: 8 of the patterns in this book are rated as being either “easy” or “easy+”. 1 of the patterns in the book is rated as being “intermediate.”

The Focus of This Book:

Quick Comforts is all about giving you crochet patterns for gorgeous home décor items that you can make FAST.

Crochet Patterns Included in This Book:

  1. Windowpane Pillow — This pretty pillow features a two-color spike stitch design that does somewhat resemble a windowpane. However, it’s more appealing to look at than the mundane pattern name suggests; the design is quite chic.

    I worked a small sample from this pattern to test the clarity of the instructions; I found them to be clear and workable as presented.

    I unfortunately chose colors that did not work well in the design; there was not enough contrast between them. So I chose to unravel my piece rather than photograph it to post along with this review.

    If you choose to make this pattern, I recommend using yarns with significant contrast to get the best possible effect.
  2. Peek-A-Boo Pillow — This pillow is a variation on the popular granny square stripe pattern. It’s super easy to crochet and it works up amazingly fast.

    I worked several rows of this pattern, and I found the crochet instructions to be clear and straightforward.

    There’s one thing worth noting about the finishing for this pillow: As the name “peek-a-boo pillow” suggests, this pillow is an openwork design. If you follow the finishing instructions in the book, which direct you to use a pillow form, you’re going to end up with the pillow form showing through your pillow. This is not ideal.

    It looks to me like they covered the pillow form with fabric before taking the photograph of the finished pillow for this book. That step is skipped over in the instructions, but you won’t want to skip it if you actually make this pillow. It is really easy to add a fabric covering to your pillow form if you have access to a sewing machine. This simple extra step could take your pillow from pretty to SPECTACULAR.
  3. Dramatic Diamonds Pillow — This is a gorgeous textured pillow crocheted in one color of super bulky weight yarn. This design incorporates post stitches, which make it a little more complex than some of the other designs included in the book. I don’t recommend this as a first crochet project, but it’s easy enough to master the post stitches once you’ve got the hang of ordinary crochet stitches.
  4. Brilliant Bolster Pillow — This is another textural pillow design that incorporates post stitches to create a cable motif. It’s the only intermediate-level pattern included in the book. I think the design is drop-dead gorgeous and well worth the time investment for learning how to make it.
  5. Fab Flowers Crochet Afghan — This easy crochet afghan is a variation of the classic granny square pattern. The granny square has a simple flower in the center; you crochet it using interesting cluster stitches. You’d have a hard time beating this pattern for simplicity, eye appeal and speed of working. This design is by Maggie Weldon
  6. Crochet Granny Square Blanket Pattern From the Quick Comforts Book, Published by Leisure Arts

    Crochet Granny Square Blanket Pattern From the Quick Comforts Book, Published by Leisure Arts

    • Flower Garden Afghan — You crochet this afghan in panels that are stitched together to finish it. There are flowers and leaves you crochet and then appliqué onto the panels. This is a beautiful pattern with mass appeal. I can see making several of these; one to keep and a few more to give as gifts to loved ones. The design is by Maggie Weldon.

      I crocheted just a bit of this afghan and found the instructions clear and straightforward.
    • Really Ripples Lapghan
    • Windowpane Afghan — This afghan matches the windowpane pillow mentioned above.
    • Octagon Afghan — This afghan has a distinctly modern look about it. Whether you’re decorating a mid-century modern home or a contemporary one, either way this afghan would be a beautiful addition to the décor.

      Although the pattern name is accurate — the motifs are octagons — the overall effect is a bit different. The first thing you notice about the design is the wheel-shaped motifs that are in the centers of the octagons.

The Best Things About This Book

You’re going to love how quick these projects are!

The styling in this book is gorgeous and right on-trend. It’s a pretty book to look through.

All the patterns in this book are appealing; they are all gift-worthy, and there aren’t any duds.

The instructions in the book are clear and easy to follow. I tested parts of 3 different random patterns in the book, and I didn’t find any mistakes in the pattern instructions I looked at. I also checked for pattern errata at the publisher’s website and didn’t find any.

The fonts used in the book are appropriate and easy to read.

There are helpful illustrations and graphics sprinkled into the text where appropriate.

I appreciate the fact that skill level ratings and recommended yarn sizes are noted for each pattern.

This Book’s Shortcomings

When I review a book, I go out of my way to find critical things to say about it. After all, that’s one of the primary reasons to write book reviews in the first place. However, there isn’t anything I found worth criticizing about this book. It’s an outstanding book overall.

One thing I did miss with this book: symbol crochet charts. The instructions do include some illustrations, and there’s a placement diagram for one of the afghans. Other than that, the written instructions are all you get.


I highly recommend this book to other crochet enthusiasts. I think it’s a particularly good buy for new crocheters who have already completed at least one project, and are looking to buy quick and easy crochet patterns.

I’ve added Quick Comforts in Crochet: 9 Crochet Designs to two of our best-of lists:

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