Daily Inspiration Easel Flip Book

Leisure Arts is the publisher of this unique book.

Do you have a goal of surrounding yourself with positive energy and inspiration? Do encouraging sentiments and quotes have the effect of energizing you? Do your motivation levels soar when you receive a steady stream of supportive reminders about all the things that would be possible for you to accomplish?

I can easily tick all the above check boxes. You too? If so, there is a brand new coloring book I think you’ll be delighted to discover. It’s called Daily Inspiration Easel Flip Book.

Check it out:

Daily Inspiration Easel Flip Book — This unique book is both a coloring book and a collection of wall art prints that are suitable for framing or display in the built-in easel. Leisure Arts is the publisher of this unique book.

This book is filled with inspirational quotes that are sure to energize and motivate you. On one side, the quote pages are printed in color — ideal for framing or display in the built-in easel. On the other side, you get line art illustrations that are suitable for coloring using colored pencil or markers. You can choose which side you display.

There are at least 4 different ways you could use this lovely motivational book:

  1. Use it as a display easel. Each image in the book is presented in 2 different ways — one of which is a representation of the quote that is printed in beautiful color, and the other which is a line art representation of the same image. The display easel is cleverly built right into the book. You can display any of the images on a bookshelf, mantelpiece, desk, table top or counter top. Flip the pages often to give yourself a steady stream of positive motivation!
  2. Use it as a coloring book. The book includes 40 different line art images that you can color in whatever color combinations inspire you most.
  3. Use it as a collection of color prints to frame and hang. You could carefully remove each image from the book, and frame it and hang it — and you’d have the choice between displaying the printed color image or your own colorway, if you choose to color the pages yourself. (Since the book is spiral bound, you will need a paper cutter to successfully accomplish this).
  4. You could give the entire book as a gift to a friend who’s in need of inspiration — or remove individual images and frame them to give as gifts.

Using Brush Tip Markers to Color a Motivational Coloring Page from the Daily Inspiration Flip Book Easel, published by Leisure Arts

I love the art and the quotes included in this book. One of my favorites is the “lemons to lemonade” quote I pictured above. Life has given me lots of lemons, and I’ve enjoyed transforming them into pitchers of lemonade. That lovely lemon illustration truly inspires me.

A few of the other quotes included in the book are as follows:

  • Don’t be afraid to be great
  • Make today amazing
  • Just be you – there is no one better
  • I can and I will
  • Follow your dreams – They know the way
  • Be stronger than your strongest excuse

There are 40 quotes and images included in the book all together.

Real quick, let’s talk about coloring in this pretty book.

There are multiple types of coloring instruments you could use to color these images. Some of your options include colored pencils, markers, gel pens and crayons.

Before you choose a coloring instrument, you should be aware that these images include some EXTRA LARGE areas that are intended to be the same color — so that means gel pens and very fine-tipped markers are not the ideal choices for use with this particular coloring book (unless you just use them for the areas with finer details). If you choose markers, you’ll want to pick markers that have wider tips. Brush-tip markers are a good choice. Double-ended markers with broad tips on one side and finer tips on the other side would be ideal for this particular project.

There are also some areas on the images in this book that have ultra fine details, which rules out crayons as being the ideal choice (even if you have a crayon sharpener, you’ll probably want to be able to go finer in some places than you can get with a crayon).

If markers aren’t your thing, that leaves colored pencils as the other ideal choice for use in this book. I don’t have any colored pencils in my art supply stash right now — so I haven’t personally tried using them with this book; but I’ve done enough artwork with colored pencils in the past to be confident in recommending them to you as an excellent option. If you want to be entirely SURE that you will not have problems with bleed-through, colored pencils are the way to go.

In the photos on this page, you can see me coloring with brush-tipped markers by Leisure Arts. I think these markers are a great choice for use with this particular coloring book.

Leisure Arts Brush Tip Markers and Daily Inspiration Easel Flip Book for Coloring, Leisure Arts Brush Tip Markers and Daily Inspiration Easel Flip

Leisure Arts Brush Tip Markers and Daily Inspiration Easel Flip Book for Adult Coloring

They didn’t bleed through to the backs of the pages when I colored with them, which is definitely good news. Bleed-through is a problem you’re likely to encounter when you color in books that have illustrations on both sides of the page — which this one does. This particular book has thick, hefty pages that make bleed-through less likely to be an issue — but not an impossibility. So if you’re going to use markers with this coloring book, I definitely recommend using a light touch, because bleed-through could happen.

I have a couple of Sharpies in my stash, and when I colored a bit with a Sharpie, it did, indeed, bleed through. But, in general, I do not recommend Sharpies for use with paper or coloring books; I prefer them for coloring on non-porous surfaces. I think Sharpie is the wrong choice of markers for this particular coloring project.

But, just to put the bleed-through issue into perspective — I don’t see it as being that big a deal, unless for some reason you want to try to display BOTH your own colorway AND the color print at different times (in which case, I’d recommend doing your coloring with colored pencils rather than markers). If you just want to display your own colorways of the images, there’s no compelling reason to worry about what happens to the backs of the pages. In that case, so what if your markers bleed through? Just let them, and don’t worry about it.


I think the Daily Inspiration Easel Flip Book is simply beautiful, and I am positive that you will enjoy owning it, using it, displaying its pages and / or giving it as a gift to a friend or loved one. The book is packed with inspiration. It also offers you bunches of opportunities to be creative, plus endless encouragement to live your best life.

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