Review of Sprout Organic Cotton Yarn by Classic Elite

Sprout Organic Cotton Yarn by Classic Elite

The Color Palette: Sprout Organic Cotton yarn by Classic Elite

Pictured here: several different colors of Classic Elite’s chunky, textured organic cotton yarn from the “Verde” collection. This is not the complete color line.

From left to right, the Sprout yarn colors shown in the photo are as follows:

  • Galapagos green, color #4335

  • Candy tuft, (pink) color #4389

  • Summer cloud, (white) color #4301

  • Salvia red, color #4358

  • Baby blue eyes, color #4357

Please note: I have tried to represent the colors as accurately as possible in these photographs; however, since browsers all display colors a bit differently, and individual computer monitor settings vary, it is impossible for me to guarantee that you’re viewing the colors with total accuracy.

Skein Weight : 100 grams

Skein Yardage: approx 109 yards

My Experiences Crocheting and Knitting With Sprout Organic Cotton Yarn by Classic Elite — So far, I’ve really enjoyed crafting with Sprout organic cotton yarn by Classic Elite. This yarn comes in a beautiful color palette with so many lovely colors that I had a hard time deciding which ones to buy. I was thrilled with all 5 of the colors I bought, and I found that they work well together in various projects.

Most of the projects I made with the yarn turned out beautifully. I had success making scarves, placemats and wine bottle covers with this yarn.

I did have one scarf project flop because the yarn ended up being too heavy for the project I had in mind — which happens often with cotton yarn; it isn’t unique to this particular cotton. In cases where Sprout is too heavy, be aware that Classic Elite has a lighter weight yarn called “Seedling” that would probably be workable instead. In hindsight, I wish I had tried Seedling too; I haven’t had a chance to work with it yet. But I would bet money that I’d prefer Seedling over Sprout for many different knitting and crochet projects.

Where to Buy Sprout Yarn: Sprout yarn has now been discontinued, but you might still find it for sale at Etsy. Click here to check availability of Sprout yarn at Etsy.

Free Crochet Patterns Featuring Sprout Yarn:

Other Crochet Projects Where I Used Classic Elite’s Sprout Yarn

 I used Sprout yarn to crochet Christmas wreath #3 pictured above.

I used Sprout yarn to crochet Christmas wreath #3 pictured above.

I crocheted this Christmas wreath ornament (free crochet pattern available) bunches of different times. I used Sprout Yarn in one of my samples. You can read more about the results of that experiment here: 5 Ways to Crochet a Christmas Wreath.

I designed and crocheted a placemat that was used as a photo prop on the cover of a cook book. The pattern incorporated Sprout along with another organic cotton that has since been discontinued. I plan to make that crochet pattern available eventually, but I’ll need to re-work it with different yarns before I do. But, I can say with certainty that this yarn makes lovely placemats.

So there you have it: That’s what I know about Sprout organic cotton yarn by Classic Elite. I highly recommend this yarn for both knitting and crocheting.

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Posted By: Amy Solovay

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