Seas the Day 6″x8″ Scrapbooking Layout

Seas the Day 6x8 Pocket Page Scrapbooking Layout Featuring Beach, Sailboats, and Seagulls

Seas the Day 6×8 Pocket Page Scrapbooking Layout Featuring Beach, Sailboats, and Seagulls

I made this 6″x8″ scrapbooking layout to document my Catalina Island sailing adventures with my husband Mike. Pictured in the lower half of the layout is our old boat, Typhoon, anchored in Little Fisherman’s Cove, right outside of Two Harbors, California. Typhoon is the vintage wooden sailboat. Anchored in the cove right beside Typhoon is our friend, Jim’s, boat.

The journaling cards feature pictures of seagulls; they make the perfect complement to this photo because seagulls were our constant companions wherever we went on the island. I used to joke, “This is my friend, Screechy. He follows me wherever I go. When we’re in Two Harbors, he’s there, too. When we take off for Santa Barbara, somehow, he beats us there.” I miss you, Screech! Wish you were here with me now…But at least I have these lovely images of you in my scrapbook…

Craft Supplies You’ll Need for Creating a Similar Scrapbooking Layout

  • Cardstock: I used Bazzill cardstock to create this scrapbooking layout, but you have many choices for cardstock or other paper you could use.
  • Kraft Paper
  • Journaling Cards: I used journaling cards from the Coastal Collection designed by Katie Pertiet for Simple Stories.
  • Washi Tape: I used a couple of different washi tapes to make this page. One is by Jen Hadfield for American Crafts; the other is by The Happy Planner.
  • 6″x8″ Binder: I used a six-ring binder by 49 and Market for housing this scrapbooking layout.
  • 6″x8″ Page Protectors

Thanks so much for checking out my project. I appreciate your interest!

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