Aqua Floral Themed Planner Layout for Spring Featuring Pinkfresh Studio Patterned Paper

Aqua Planner Layout Featuring Patterned Paper by Pinkfresh Studio

Aqua Planner Layout Featuring Patterned Paper by Pinkfresh Studio

I have a new favorite color: It’s known by several different names including aqua and turquoise. It is the perfect color for spring! Here you can see it featured in a brand new, daily planner layout I made for discbound planners such as the Happy Planner. I have the page on gold metal expander discs in my 2022 Happy Planner.

I love and adore the patterned paper I used as the base for making this planner layout. It’s made by Pinkfresh Studio, and it’s the Hope Patterned Paper From the Just a Little Lovely Collection. Love, love, LOVE this patterned paper!

I also used a couple of bits from another Pinkfresh Studio patterned paper called “Reasons to Smile”. It’s a double-sided patterned paper featuring a simple ledger design on one side and multiple colorful cut-aparts on the other side. At the time I originally ordered the paper, I did so with the intention of using the ledger side. However, when I actually got the paper in hand, I was so enthralled by the cut-aparts that I was conflicted about which side I wanted to use. I ended up using bits of both sides of the paper; in this daily planner layout, you can see one of the cut-aparts and also a sizable piece of the ledger side. Love both sides of this paper! I bought 2 pieces of it, but have concluded that wasn’t enough, and I will have to go back for more.

Over at the Pinkfresh Studio blog, they are currently hosting a fun challenge for this month with the theme of “All Things Spring”. This particular planner layout is a perfect fit for the theme, so I thought I would play along with them and enter the challenge. I absolutely adore this challenge theme, and I delighted that spring is here! I can’t wait to use this lovely new planner page layout!

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