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Valentine-Friendly Fashion Accessories for Winter Weather

I think it’s kind of a bummer that, for those of us in the western hemisphere, Valentine’s Day occurs in one of the coldest months of the year. So when you’re accessorizing for Valentine’s Day, you’re also probably accessorizing for winter weather. Here are a few Valentine-friendly DIY accessories that are also winter friendly:

Free Valentine’s Day Scarf Pattern

Free Valentine's Day Crochet Scarf Pattern

Free Valentine’s Day Crochet Scarf Pattern

I crocheted this pretty Valentine’s Day scarf back when I lived in California, where February weather is typically chilly but not freezing cold. I chose a cotton yarn for the project — but if you live in an area where winters are arctic, you’d want to substitute a warmer yarn like wool or alpaca when you make this scarf for Valentine’s Day. There are a couple of other versions of the scarf that are similar, so if Valentine’s Day colors aren’t your thing, you could choose a different colorway of the design instead of the one you see pictured (of course, feel free to substitute whatever colors you happen to love — or whatever colors happen to match your winter coat…)

You can click here to get the free scarf pattern.

Easy Crochet Neck Warmer Pattern for Beginners

Beginner's Crochet Neck Warmer: Free Pattern

Beginner’s Crochet Neck Warmer: Free Pattern

The scarf pictured above isn’t that hard to crochet, but it isn’t the ideal first project for beginners. If you’re a beginner to crochet, you might prefer an easier project to get started with. This dressy, solid-colored neck warmer is suitable for wearing on Valentine’s Day, and it’s also a super easy crochet project that even a beginner could succeed with.

A bonus: If you make this design in solid red, as pictured, your neck warmer will also be wearable for next Christmas and throughout the entire winter holiday season. If you use a dressy closure similar to the jeweled clasp I chose for finishing the sample project, your finished neck warmer will be the ideal wardrobe piece for wearing out to dinner or to dressy holiday parties. If you prefer to wear it on more casual occasions, simply choose a more casual closure design than the one pictured.

Click here to get the free crochet neck warmer pattern.

Valentine Heart Pouch to Crochet

Valentine Crochet Heart Pouch: Free Crochet Pattern

Valentine Crochet Heart Pouch: Free Crochet Pattern

If you’re going out this Valentine’s Day, and you want to carry some essentials with you, you could make yourself this pretty Valentine’s Day heart pouch. Of course, the pouch will be useful well beyond Valentine’s Day; you could use it every day if you like.

You can click here to get the free pouch pattern.

Beaded Lace Crochet Choker Necklace Pattern

Beaded Lace Crochet Choker Necklace Pattern

Beaded Lace Crochet Choker Necklace Pattern

This choker won’t do much of anything to keep you warm on a cold and wintry Valentine’s Day, but it sure is pretty — and it’s also a super quick project, as far as crochet projects go.

Click here to get the free beaded choker necklace pattern.

Hearts to Crochet for Valentine's Day or Any Time

Hearts to Crochet for Valentine’s Day or Any Time

Want more Valentine-friendly craft project ideas? Be sure to check out our main directory of Valentine’s Day craft projects, where you’ll find ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day cards, Valentine hearts, and all kinds of other fun things you can make for this romantic holiday.

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Crochet Loom Blooms by Haafner Linssen, published by Interweave. The paperback edition of this book comes with a starter loom, and it includes patterns for 30 flowers plus 5 finished projects.

Crochet Loom Blooms by Haafner Linssen, published by Interweave. The paperback edition of this book comes with a starter loom, and it includes patterns for 30 flowers plus 5 finished projects.

Fall Brings Sweater Weather

Autumn is the time of year that many knitters and crocheters most look forward to. We can’t wait to savor pumpkin spice lattes, and we’re excited to cheer for our favorite college football teams. But, best of all, we love to get out our handmade sweaters and flaunt them — and fall is definitely the best season for that.

When the trees decide it’s time to transform from green to rich hues of orange and gold and red, we’re there with our cameras in hand, ready to snap selfies showing off every intricate cable or colorwork motif in our handiwork.

Fashion trends come and go, but sweaters are eternal. And, if you knit or crochet, you can never have too many sweater patterns.

Are you thinking of knitting or crocheting a new fall sweater any time soon? If so, there are some outstanding sweater pattern books you should be aware of.

Traditional Danish Sweaters for Fall and Winter

Traditional Danish Sweaters -- A Knitting Pattern Book Published by Trafalgar Square Books

Traditional Danish Sweaters by Vivian Høxbro, published by Trafalgar Square Books

If you’re interested in knitting warm wool sweaters featuring classic Scandinavian motifs and styling, you’ll definitely want to take a look at a brand new book called Traditional Danish Sweaters. This book is a unique combination of history book, design workbook, sweater knitting pattern book and knitting stitch dictionary. The designs included in this book are all wearable ones that I think will be of interest to knitters who are interested in working sweater patterns.

The Crochet Closet

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentr

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry, Published by Leisure Arts. Photo Courtesy of Leisure Arts.

The Crochet Closet is not a new book, but it features lovely crocheted sweater designs that look as fresh and new now as they did when they were originally published.

One of the best things about this book is the inclusive size range. The book includes sweaters patterns that have been graded for a broad range of sizes, including extra large sizes.

If you enjoy crocheting sweaters, this book is definitely worth your consideration.

Learn More About The Crochet Closet Book by Lisa Gentry

Enjoy the sweater weather this year, my friends! Happy knitting and crocheting!

An Early (Crocheted) Snowfall!

Crochet Snowflake Trivet: Free Pattern and Step-By-Step Tutorial

Crochet Snowflake Trivet: Free Pattern and Step-By-Step Tutorial

It’s September. Is it snowing yet?


Well, who cares? I love crocheting snowflakes.

Free Crochet Pattern — Beginner-Friendly Snowflake Trivet:

Snowflakes sometimes look complicated, but they need not be complicated to crochet. This one is so easy that even a total beginner could make it. I’ve posted both the free crochet snowflake pattern, along with a step-by-step tutorial showing work-in-progress photos of how the project came together. I’ve also included detailed instructions which will help you make your own snowflake trivet if you’d like to — even if you’ve never crocheted before.

Snowflake Appliques:

If you look carefully at the photo, you’ll see that the snowflake trivet is 3-dimensional; the project incorporates metal bottle caps, which give it most of its shape. If you’d prefer to make flatter snowflakes that can be used as appliques, I suggest trying this easy crochet snowflake applique.

More Crocheted Snowflakes:

Here at, the humble snowflakes is one of our favorite design themes. There’s something irresistible about snowflakes; every time I see one, it seems to me that their symmetry and their intricacy just beg to be captured in crochet. We’ve posted plenty of crochet snowflake patterns, including patterns for beaded crochet snowflakes and more. I hope you’ll take advantage of these and all the other crochet patterns and free resources we’ve made available for you, and that you’ll enjoy them.

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Crochet Snowflakes Step-By-Step Book

Crochet Snowflakes Step-By-Step Book

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Big Book of Christmas Crochet, Published by Annie's

Big Book of Christmas Crochet, Published by Annie’s

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