Birthday Card Making Idea With Ink Blending and Dachshund Dog Design

It’s Your Birthday Card With Hero Arts and Stamping Village Stamp

This is the second dachshund themed birthday card I made for the Hero Arts “anything goes” challenge. Like the first card in the series, this card features ink blending, washi tape and a couple of stamps from the “Happy Birthday” stamp set by Stamping Village. One of the stamps in the set features an image of a cute dachshund dog, and there are also a bunch of other fun birthday-themed stamps included in the set.

Stamping Village is a group of competing stamp manufacturers. They’ve come together and collaborated to make some of my all time favorite stamp sets. I have 2 of the sets they made, and I’m hoping to get the others too, eventually. If you want to check ’em out, they are available for sale in bunches of places including and other merchants.

I really enjoyed this challenge! My heartfelt thanks to the team at Hero Arts for sponsoring it. I always appreciate having a little additional motivation to get paper crafts projects made.

This page was last updated on 5-12-2024.

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