Crochet for Girls: 23 Patterns for Crocheting Cute Clothes and Accessories

Crochet Adorable Sweaters, Cardigans, Hats, Hoods, Dresses, Skirts, Jewelry Purses and More for the Little Girls You Know (Ages 4-10)

Is there a sweet girl in your life who could use some pretty new clothes – perhaps a daughter, granddaughter, niece or little sister? Would you enjoy making some of the clothes she needs using interesting crochet stitches and simple crochet techniques? And would you enjoy having access to a whole collection of beautiful new patterns for making girls clothing – including patterns for crocheting girls’ sweaters, dresses, hats, accessories and other wonderful clothing items? If you’re interested in crocheting all or part of a girl’s wardrobe, there’s a brand new crochet pattern book you’ll want to know about. It’s called Crochet for Girls: 23 Dresses, Sweaters and Accessories.

What You Need to Know About This Crochet Pattern Book:

Crochet for Girls: 23 Dresses, Sweaters and Accessories for Girls who wear sizes 4-10. Zess is the author of this book, and Stackpole Books is the publisher.

Crochet for Girls: 23 Dresses, Sweaters and Accessories for Girls who wear sizes 4-10. Zess is the author of this book, and Stackpole Books is the publisher.

Author: Zess

Publisher: Stackpole Books, an Imprint of the Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc.

Copyright Date: I am reviewing the English translation of this book, which has a copyright date of 2019. This book was originally published in French.

ISBN 13: 978-0811736510

ISBN 10: 0811736512

Book Format: Softcover With Perfect Binding

Number of Pages: 122

Topics Covered in This Book:

  • How to start a crochet project
  • Crochet basics: This book gives you a refresher on how to do the basic crochet stitches and techniques including how to make a slip knot; how to do slip stitch; how to do chain stitch; ETC.
  • Crochet tips and techniques
  • Plus 23 patterns for crocheting girls’ sweaters, skirts, dresses, clothing and accessories.

Crochet Projects Included in This Book:

I counted…

  • 7 girls’ sweater patterns
  • 1 girls’ vest pattern
  • 2 patterns for crocheting girls’ dresses
  • 1 capelet pattern
  • 2 patterns for crocheting girls’ purses
  • 2 girls’ skirt patterns
  • 3 patterns for hats / bonnets / hoods
  • 1 cute pattern for crocheting a Peter Pan-style collar
  • 1 pattern for crocheting leg warmers
  • 2 jewelry patterns (1 pin and 1 necklace)
  • 1 pouch pattern

The Best Things About This Book

These patterns are all super cute and wearable. Not only that, they appeal to the target market — at least, according to my test group of four year old girls, they do. My daughter is super excited about these patterns. She asked me to make the capelet and the teddy bear bag for her (although she thought it was a kitty cat bag, and I didn’t bother to correct her). Her 2 best friends are excited about that bag, too, so I am thinking I will try to make at least 3 of these to give as Christmas gifts this year.

This book includes a majority of patterns that are totally practical, balanced with some patterns that are purely fun. Overall, it’s a wonderful mix of designs.

My favorite projects in the book include a pretty spring dress and a dainty, short-sleeved mohair cardigan.

But, aside from the cute bear bags, the project I’m likeliest to actually make for my daughter is the charming striped sweater pictured on the front cover — because I know she’ll have bunches of opportunities to wear it. AND because that stitch pattern looks like it would be so interesting to execute. Overall, the project looks like it would hold my attention without being too challenging or complicated (right now, I am sacrificing sleep to do whatever crocheting I happen to get done — so, in my sleep-deprived state, I’m not interested in working on projects that make me think too hard).

Looking through these designs, I’m positive that many of them will appeal to the readers of this website. These designs tick a lot of the checkboxes that my readers appreciate:

  • Interesting projects to work on
  • Most are not overly complex, but they all have intriguing details that make them special
  • Reasonably quick projects that are worth the time investment
  • A range of yarn weights, with multiple projects that make use of light weight, medium and bulky weight yarns

Some of the patterns incorporate symbol crochet charts where it’s appropriate to include them.

Each pattern includes a helpful schematic that specifies detailed size and measurement information.

The patterns incorporate a helpful feature for ensuring you can easily find the instructions for the size you want to make — That is, they have color-coded the sizes, printing the instructions for each size in a different color. This will save you the effort of taking a highlighter to your pattern and highlighting the instructions for the size you need. How cool is that?!

The photography in this book is delightful! The author’s daughter models all the project samples in the book, and she really does a fantastic job of showing off each project. There are multiple pictures of each project, including detail shots too (in most cases).


This is a charming and useful book. I recommend it to other crochet enthusiasts who are in need of patterns for crocheting clothing and accessories for girls who wear sizes from 4-10.

Where to Buy This Book:

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The projects in Crochet For Girls are feminine without being over-the-top froo-froo. I own a bunch of other girls’ crochet pattern books — and, out of all of them, Crochet For Girls gets my vote as being the most practical. It’s filled with a fantastic mix of everyday designs plus a few dressier styles that are pretty without being too sugary sweet.

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Imagical Seasons Summer: A Summer Crochet Pattern Collection for Girls

BUT, if you’re looking for the laciest, froofiest, girliest crochet patterns you could possibly make for your girl, Crochet For Girls is not going to be what you want. In that case, check out Imagical Seasons Spring and Imagical Seasons Summer by Alla Koval. The crochet patterns in those books are lacier, more intricate (and more time consuming) — but they are also over-the-top beautiful. I highly recommend all 3 of these books — If your pattern buying budget permits, why not grab copies of all 3 of them?

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