Crochet Lace

Patterns and Techniques for Crocheting Lace

There are zillions of different ways to make lace. Nowadays, most lace is mass-produced and made by machine — but handmade lace isn’t a lost art. Far from it; in fact, it’s enjoying renewed popularity right now. People all over the world are picking up crochet hooks and knitting needles in pursuit of their own unique and personal knitted and crocheted lace projects.

Are you interested in making your own crocheted lace lovelies by hand? If so, read on to discover bunches of different patterns, projects and pages on the topic of crocheting lace.

Crochet Lace

Crocheting lace can be easier than you might think. While there are definitely some complicated lace patterns out there, there are also ultra-simple lace patterns too. Because they usually incorporate many chain stitches, lace projects often work up quickly — with them often being faster projects than ones made with more solid stitches.

Want to try your hand at crocheting lace? If so, we invite you to explore the following pages to get free patterns, ideas, instructions and inspiration.

Crochet Lace Stitches

Crochet Lace Scarf Patterns

Crochet Lace Hat Patterns

Bruges Crochet Lace


“Bruges crochet” is a technique that can result in a wide variety of gorgeous openwork fabrics, all of which share one common element: they resemble vintage handmade Bruges lace. To find out more about this technique, you are invited to visit our overview of Bruges crochet.

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