60 More Quick Baby Blankets: Cozy Knits in Cascade Superwash Yarns

If you need some GORGEOUS, playful and fun new baby blankets, click the photo above to shop for one of the hottest new baby blanket pattern collections available! This book is called 60 More Quick Baby Blankets Book. It's published by Sixth&Spring Books.

If you need some GORGEOUS, playful and fun new baby blankets, click the photo above to shop for one of the hottest new baby blanket pattern collections available! This book is called 60 More Quick Baby Blankets Book. It’s published by Sixth&Spring Books.

Would you be excited to get started with knitting a fresh, new, adorable baby blanket for a beloved baby or as a charity knitting project? If you have a need for super cute baby blanket knitting patterns that work up fast, 60 More Quick Baby Blankets is a book you’ll want to check out.

What You Need to Know About This Knitting Pattern Book:

Author: This book was compiled by the editors of Sixth&Spring Books. Numerous contributors submitted blanket patterns; some of the contributors include Brooke Nico, Margret Willson and Jacqueline van Dillen.

Publisher: Sixth&Spring Books

Copyright Date: 2017

ISBN 13: 978-1-942021-89-6

Book Format: Softcover / Trade paperback

Number of Pages: 184

Skill Level:

The Focus of This Book:

This book is dedicated exclusively to giving you patterns for appealing baby blankets that are knit Cascade’s lovely Superwash yarns. These yarns are some of my all-time favorites; they’re affordable and hard wearing, yet soft enough to snuggle a baby in. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

If the intended recipient of one of these blankets lives in an area where winters are cold and harsh, blankets like these are a MUST. Blankets knit with these yarns will stay warm even if they get wet — so if baby accidentally spills a bottle on them, has a leaky diaper or gets caught in the rain, s/he’ll still stay warm in any of these cozy blankets.

The Best Things About This Book

This book is an AMAZING value for the money you spend on it.

The variety of blanket patterns is excellent! Since many different pattern designers contributed patterns to the book, there are bunches of different stitch patterns, styles, shapes and techniques to choose from.

The blanket shapes include squares and almost-squares, rectangles, circles and even a blanket shaped like a mermaid tail. Another blanket is shaped like a bear; you snuggle your little one inside it, button it up, and it can double as a bear costume. It couldn’t be any cuter. There’s also a blanket featuring heart shapes that is an unusual and hard-to-describe shape that’s quite interesting to look at. Whether you want receiving blankets, crib blankets or swaddle blankets, you’ll find suitable options.

Knitting stitches and techniques include easy garter stitch, cables, lace, honeycomb, modular knitting, intarsia knitting, basketweave stitches, slip stitch, cluster star stitch, stranded colorwork knitting (Fair Isle), mosaic knitting, and more. Charts are included where appropriate.

Some of the animal motifs included in the book are sheep, a ladybug, a couple of different whale patterns, bears, a pig, a fox and a kangaroo. Other design themes include hearts, a watermelon slice, a southwestern starburst, a couple of different rainbows, a bullseye, a truck with teddy bear toy (you could make the teddy bear all by itself), and an assortment of stripes, textures and geometrics.

Blankets for baby boys are well represented in this book. There are designs that are boy friendly, girl friendly and unisex.


If you want to knit baby blankets, baby blankets and more baby blankets, this is absolutely the right choice of books for that purpose. I’m delighted to recommend this book to other knitting enthusiasts who have a need for an abundance of baby blanket patterns.

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Posted By: Amy Solovay

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