Patons Classic Wool Yarn

Paton’s Classic Wool Yarn is a high-quality, medium weight 100% wool yarn that you can use for knitting, crocheting, weaving, pompom making, felting and other yarn crafts.

Patons Classic Wool Yarn Pros:

There are many reasons you might want to consider working with this yarn. First of all, it’s affordable for a 100% wool yarn; many of your other options are considerably more expensive.

While this isn’t the softest wool yarn on the market, it is reasonably soft.

It is also sturdy. If you have to pull out mistakes in your crochet or knitting, you’ll find that Patons Classic Wool holds up well. It is easy to unravel and re-work. This makes it an excellent choice of materials for beginners to crochet or knitting.

One of the other major pros is that this yarn is typically available at “big box” craft stores, which makes it a convenient choice if you want to grab some yarn while you’re out shopping for other things.

Patons Classic Wool Yarn Cons

This yarn doesn’t have many cons; it’s a fantastic yarn, overall. But if there’s one complaint I have about this yarn, it’s that the color line is not extensive. I’ve only ever found it available for sale in a few colors. The colors they do produce are lovely ones that are highly useful and wearable. But if you’re hoping to do a spectacular colorwork project, this is not likely to be the right yarn for that purpose, only because you’ll probably have trouble finding the exact colors you want to work with. For any projects requiring specific colors, you’ll probably want to consider using a differrent yarn like Cascade 220.

Be aware that this is NOT a “superwash” yarn, meaning that you absolutely must hand wash any projects you make with it. The projects should also not be machine dried. You will need to hand wash them in the sink, a bucket or your bathtub and then use a drying rack or lay them flat on a towel to dry. For smaller projects, you could also consider line drying them; I wouldn’t recommend line drying a sweater, because the weight of the sweater would make it likely to pull out of shape.

Paton’s Classic Wool Yarn for Felting and Fulling

If you’re planning on making felted projects, Paton’s Classic wool yarn is a fantastic choice for those. This wool yarn felts readily. For example, I’ve found that this yarn is a fantastic choice for making felted crochet potholders.

Pattern Support: Crochet Projects You Can Make Using Paton’s Classic Wool Yarn

Where to Buy Paton’s Classic Wool Yarn

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Posted By: Amy Solovay

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