Best Alcohol Markers: Altenew Artist Markers Rose Petal Set

Altenew Artist Markers Rose Petal Set -- Alcohol Markers

Altenew Artist Markers Rose Petal Set — Alcohol Markers

I have two favorite markers for card making and coloring: Tombow brush markers and Altenew Artist Markers. The Tombow brush markers are water-based, and the Altenew Artist markers are alcohol based. If you’re in search of the best alcohol markers for art, crafts, illustration, card making and coloring, I think you’ll want to consider trying the Altenew Artist markers. Read on for my detailed product review of these markers.

The Best Things About Altenew Artist Markers:

  • Their color palette is outstanding! The markers are available in varying packs of colors. There are small packs of 4 coordinating colors that you can use when you’re coloring tonal items like flowers, foliage or clothing. Then there are larger packs available with a broader variety of colors that all work well together.

    If you do not have the confidence to choose colors that work beautifully together, you cannot go wrong when you choose their coordinated color packs. You will have assurance that the color palette you’re using is totally harmonious. It is a complete no-brainer to use these, and it totally takes the pressure off color selection.
  • These markers last a long, long time — and when you do, someday in the far-distant future run out of ink, they’re refillable — so you can keep using them without having to buy anything other than ink refills. That is one of the main reasons I recommend these markers over most others. For one thing, that makes them super affordable over the long term; and beyond that, they are much more environmentally friendly than the disposable kind of markers that you can’t refill and have to throw away when the ink runs dry.
  • The manufacturer, Altenew, has a creative team available, and they post lots of amazing project ideas and inspiration on their website and blog. So you are not only buying yourself a set of markers when you purchase these; you are buying into a community of people who are there to inspire and support you in your creative pursuits. Their creative team members are mostly card makers, so this will be most valuable to you if you are looking for card making ideas. However, you’ll also find scrapbooking layouts and many other types of project ideas available from them.


I’m not aware of any real cons with these markers. I think they’re amazing, and I highly recommend them.

I think the markers are a great value for the money you spend on them. However, if you are used to coloring with Crayolas or other cheaper markers, you have probably noticed that these markers are pricier in comparison.

However, when you look at the price tag, you have to keep in mind that you would only be able to use Crayolas or other non-refillable markers for a short time, whereas in comparison, the Altenew Artist markers are refillable. So to do a truly accurate cost comparison, you have to consider the value you’ll get over the entire lifespan of the markers.

If you’re shopping for a young child, Crayolas are still probably your best bet; save these alcohol markers for when the kid grows up a little and needs higher quality art supplies. But if you’re a grownup looking for art or craft supplies to use in your own projects, these are a really great choice.

Conclusion: Altenew Artist Markers Are Highly Recommended!

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