Jacquard Textile Color Fabric Paints

Jacquard Textile Color Fabric Paints

Jacquard Textile Color Fabric Paints

No fabric paint can be all things to all people, but Jacquard Textile Color fabric paints are about as versatile a fabric paint as you can get. You can paint them onto fabric with paintbrushes, and you can also apply them with squirt bottles if you want a less controlled type of application. It’s also possible to roll them onto stamps or blocks for block printing or apply them with an airbrush.

The colors are semi-opaque, which means they will probably not completely hide the color of the fabric you use to make your project with. If you want the truest possible colors to appear in the finished project, it’s ideal to paint on white fabric or a white garment. It can also be interesting to see what kind of effects you can get by painting over colored fabrics with Jacquard Textile Color paints.

You can mix these colors together if you want a broader color palette to work with. You can also dilute these paints with water or with the extender that Jacquard markets for use with this product. (I haven’t tried using the extender, so I can’t comment on how well that works).

If you correctly heat-set these paints using a hot iron, they become colorfast on natural fabrics like cotton or synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester. It’s also possible to use other solutions for heat setting such as Jacquard’s Airfix product.

These paints do have a slight but noticeable effect on the fabric’s feel, flexibility and softness. However, they do not affect the hand of the fabric as dramatically as many of the other fabric paint options I’ve tried. All things considered, I think the tradeoff you make with these is totally acceptable.

All things considered, I think these paints offer you a great value for the money you’ll spend on them. I’m happy to recommend them to other crafters.

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