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October 13, 2022: Life Right Now Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Featuring Digital Scrapbooking Supplies by Katie Pertiet Designs

Life Right Now Digital Scrapbooking Layout: Photographs by Michael and Amy Solovay. Scrapbooking Layout by Amy Solovay. Digital Scrapbooking Supplies by Katie Pertiet Designs.

Life Right Now Digital Scrapbooking Layout: Photographs by Michael and Amy Solovay. Scrapbooking Layout by Amy Solovay. Digital Scrapbooking Supplies by Katie Pertiet Designs.

This is sort of an idealized version of what my life looks like right now. If I were going to post completely honest photos showing life at my place, you’d mostly see a jumble of cardboard moving boxes in stacks everywhere. Ugh. You didn’t come here to see that, did you? No, I think not.

So instead of messy cardboard box pics, how about checking out a few pics of what I’m putting into the moving boxes? Basically, these are some of the things I want to be working on, but I’m too busy with packing and ghostwriting to get to it right now.


I am a diehard paper scrapbooker — and in the long term, I don’t see that permanently changing. However, at the moment, I am messing around with digital scrapbooking for a couple of important reasons. 1) I want to see if I can speed up my crafting process — in particular, I’m hoping to get faster on the journaling; and 2) Most of my paper craft supplies are packed up in boxes for moving.

As I wrote in another recent blog post, I’m just getting started with digital scrapbooking. I’m a diehard paper scrapbooker, and in the long term, I plan to keep going with mostly paper layouts but doing a few things digitally here and there. This is another one of my attempts at digital scrapbooking.

This page is actually a prime example of why I need to start doing at least some of my pages digitally. I wrote a lot of journaling to go along with this layout, and the truth is, I’m still not exactly sure what to do with it. There isn’t enough room to put it all on the page, so I will have to figure out how to lay it out on the facing page, I guess. Or maybe make another layout with additional pics (I have a bunch of them) plus the journaling. I haven’t got that far with figuring it out. But I do know this: I DO NOT want to rubber stamp all the accompanying text! Heh.

Here’s the journaling:

Top and Bottom Left: It looks as if King Midas has paid Brian Head, Utah a visit; everywhere you look, you see gold. The aspen trees around here are having a glorious moment.

Most years, we only get to enjoy the display of gorgeous golden leaves for a few days before it snows on them or a hard freeze causes them to drop. This fall has been unseasonably warm, so I am hoping the leaves will linger on the trees awhile longer.

Upper and Lower Middle: This is Knitpicks Palette yarn that I want to work on crocheting NOW – but I had to settle for snapping these pics of it before tossing it in a box and packing it up to move. I will get to you soon, my pretties. When I see you again, you are going to become hats and scarves. (Hopefully…)

Top Right and Middle Left: Last fall, I bought these packages of 49 and Market Butter Washi Tapes and Autumn-themed rub-ons with the intention of using them to scrap my fall pics in the 49 and Market 6”x 8” albums (not pictured). However, I am still working on printing out photos and finalizing photo placement, so I haven’t opened the package yet.

A few weeks ago, I discovered that Scrapbook.com had the matching Butter papers in stock (they were out of stock when I bought the washis). So I grabbed them! I am SO HOPING to hurry up and finish this project, but alas, realistically speaking, these goodies are probably also going to end up getting tossed in a moving box, too. A fond farewell for now, my lovelies…I hope to see you again soon.

Middle: This past summer I splurged on a few new things to wear. This O’Neill top is one of those purchases. It’s actually a summer top, but I was excited to discover that if I throw a sweatshirt over it, it’s still wearable in fall.

Middle Right: I was so blessed to be a winner in a Hero Arts blog hop! The prize was a gift certificate to their online store. I didn’t have a die cutter, and I had really, really, really been wanting one…and they have the cutest little compact cutter available. So that’s what I chose to get with my gift certificate. I have been playing with cutting out different shapes and using them to make cards. I love it sooooo much!

I do a lot of “fussy cutting” with decorative scissors and ordinary scissors. I find it enjoyable and even sort of therapeutic, so I can’t see completely giving that up. But, realistically speaking, I am going to have to take some steps to speed up my crafting process – and this will be a good step in the right direction.

The other step in the right direction is learning how to do digital scrapbooking, which I am also working on. I want to start doing most of my journaling and some of my pages digitally. I am off to a good start with that! This page is one of the first few that I have completed digitally. I also have about a dozen “hybrid” pages in progress; I plan to use some digital elements in the 6”x8” albums I am working on completing.

Lower Right: This is one of the projects I recently made with the new die cutter. It’s a greeting card that says “Happy Fall!” The dies, stamps, papers and other supplies are by Lawn Fawn. LOVE the adorable multi-part die set, which has tree trunks and leaves that can be cut separately. For this card, I cut the leaves out using golden and orange papers that resemble the aspen trees in my neighborhood. Looking at this makes me ridiculously, unreasonably happy – so I had to snap a pic of it before mailing it off to my in-laws.

Yesterday, I said a sad (temporary) goodbye to the die cutter and it, too got packed away to be moved. I am so looking forward to being reunited with it soon…

Supplies You Need to Create a Similar Digital Scrapbooking Layout:

I’ve posted the supply list for this layout in the gallery at Katie Pertiet’s website. If you’re interested in picking up the digital patterned papers and the other extras I used for making this, please check out my gallery page over there.

Thanks so much for your interest in my project!

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