Fall Brings Sweater Weather

Autumn is the time of year that many knitters and crocheters most look forward to. We can’t wait to savor pumpkin spice lattes, and we’re excited to cheer for our favorite college football teams. But, best of all, we love to get out our handmade sweaters and flaunt them — and fall is definitely the best season for that.

When the trees decide it’s time to transform from green to rich hues of orange and gold and red, we’re there with our cameras in hand, ready to snap selfies showing off every intricate cable or colorwork motif in our handiwork.

Fashion trends come and go, but sweaters are eternal. And, if you knit or crochet, you can never have too many sweater patterns.

Are you thinking of knitting or crocheting a new fall sweater any time soon? If so, there are some outstanding sweater pattern books you should be aware of.

Traditional Danish Sweaters for Fall and Winter

Traditional Danish Sweaters -- A Knitting Pattern Book Published by Trafalgar Square Books

Traditional Danish Sweaters by Vivian Høxbro, published by Trafalgar Square Books

If you’re interested in knitting warm wool sweaters featuring classic Scandinavian motifs and styling, you’ll definitely want to take a look at a brand new book called Traditional Danish Sweaters. This book is a unique combination of history book, design workbook, sweater knitting pattern book and knitting stitch dictionary. The designs included in this book are all wearable ones that I think will be of interest to knitters who are interested in working sweater patterns.

The Crochet Closet

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentr

The Crochet Closet: A Crochet Sweater Pattern Book by Lisa Gentry, Published by Leisure Arts. Photo Courtesy of Leisure Arts.

The Crochet Closet is not a new book, but it features lovely crocheted sweater designs that look as fresh and new now as they did when they were originally published.

One of the best things about this book is the inclusive size range. The book includes sweaters patterns that have been graded for a broad range of sizes, including extra large sizes.

If you enjoy crocheting sweaters, this book is definitely worth your consideration.

Learn More About The Crochet Closet Book by Lisa Gentry

Enjoy the sweater weather this year, my friends! Happy knitting and crocheting!